12 Delicious and Healthy Water Recipes

Bored With Plain Water?  Taste These Fun And Flavorful Water Recipes!

October 16, 2012, BY HALLY

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12 Delicious and Healthy Water RecipesWater is important to our health. We need it to maintain the proper functioning of all our organs and tissues. We need water to regulate our body temperature and to provide the means for nutrients to travel to our organs and tissues. Water in our bodies’ transports oxygen to cells, removes wastes and lubricates and protects our joints and organs.

Entire books, such as Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, have been devoted to discussing the health, beauty, and healing properties of water.

In order for our bodies to function correctly, we need to have the correct balance of water. If we take in too much water, it can cause hyponatremia. If we lose too much water then dehydration can occur. Many people in our society don’t drink enough water throughout the day, and have replaced it with coffee, juices, and soda. According to MayoClinic.com, the general guideline is to consume eight 8 oz. glasses of water every day, possibly more if you are extremely active.

The common complaint with drinking so much water is that it’s “boring.” People gravitate toward juices, coffees, teas, and sodas seeking flavor. Guess what? We have great news for you. Water does not have to be boring and flavorless. Water can be delicious, full of flavor, healthy, and beautiful. Check out twelve of our favorite water recipes and enjoy!

Water Recipe #1
Day Spa Apple Cinnamon from

Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water by ToneTiki.comThis water recipe is full of apple and cinnamon flavor and is purported to raise your metabolism.  Cinnamon itself is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, controlling blood sugar levels, and improving memory and performance. Additionally, cinnamon is a great source of manganese, dietary fiber, iron, and calcium.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at ToneTiki.com.

Water Recipe #2
Lemon Water from

Lemon Water by LindaWagner.netLinda loves Lemon Water for all its health benefits due to its mix of lemons and fresh ginger.  She explains ten of the health benefits of lemons, including how they improve skin care, dental care, and aid in weight loss, just to mention a few. She loves fresh ginger for its ability to ease motion sickness, heartburn, and reduce pain and inflammation.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at LindawWagner.net.

Water Recipe #3
Debloating Chia Seed Drink from

Debloating Chia Seed Drink by FitSugar.comValerie uses this recipe as a pre-breakfast and pre-workout drink. The chia seeds add fiber and omega 3’s to your diet and assists with bloating.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at FitSugar.com.


Water Recipe #4
Lemon & Spice Weight Loss Tea from

Lemon & Spice Weight Loss Tea by JoyFulBelly.comThis is an Ayurvedic recipe in which the combination of lemon, honey, vinegar, and cayenne are blended together to become a weight loss cocktail. This tea aids in digestion, especially with those high-fat foods, as it is said to cleanse the liver and gall bladder by flushing bile from them.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at JoyfulBelly.com.

Water Recipe #5
Fat Flush Water from

Fat Flush Water by SkinnyMs.comThis recipe has its origin with Kim Lyons on The Biggest Loser. It’s one of the weight loss water variations and tastes great. It has many yummy ingredients including grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber, and peppermint. This water recipe, too, is perfect for serving to friends or at a dinner party because it’s simple, yet elegant.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at SkinnyMs.com.





Water Recipe #6
Grapefruit Orange Lime Mint Water from

Grapefruit Orange Lime Mint Water by MySpaWaterBook.comThis spa water recipe is stunningly beautiful, delicious, and healthy. It contains grapefruit, orange, lime, and mint, and is suggested for weight loss, cold prevention, and rejuvenating the skin. You can treat yourself to a spa day anytime you make this thirst quenching water. Just sit back, sip, and relax.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at MySpaWaterbook.com.





Water Recipe #7
Lemon Water With Fresh Mint from

Lemon Water With Fresh Mint by Eat-Yourself-Skinny.comKelly’s recipe is super easy to make and is refreshing. She loves that it’s fancy enough to entertain a party, and still quite practical. She appreciates that it helps with headaches and can be a great anti-aging remedy.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at Eat-Yourself-Skinny.com.





Water Recipe #8
Patty’s Fountain of Youth from

Turbo Charged Lemon & Cucumber Water from FitnessByPatty.comPatty’s recipe is a favorite among many people working to lose weight. It’s the perfect lemon-ginger water spruced with mint and cucumber. We’ve seen Patty’s recipe also referred to as “Sassy Water.” This will likely be a favorite drink on your list too – even it you’re happy with your weight.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at FitnessByPatty.com.

Water Recipe #9
Ginger Orange Soda Pop from

Ginger Orange Soda Pop by EdibleGoddess.comThis recipe is a great alternative to both water and soda. If you’re an ex-soda addict, then check this one out. Now, this recipe is special though because it’s made with coconut water kefir, which EdibleGoddess also explains how to make. Water kefir is made from kefir grains, and these grains make up a culture of various bacteria and yeast, and are known for their endless benefits. Drinking kefir water can be a replacement for those who take a probiotic supplement.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at EdibleGoddess.com.


Water Recipe #10
Pepper Infused Water from

Pepper Infused Water by CherylStyle.comCheryl’s video is a must-watch to learn how to infuse water.  She does it so easily and so beautifully. The Pepper infused water is made with sweet peppers and is lip-licking delicious. And we can’t wait to sample her Lemon & Lavender recipe. Cheryl’s recipes would be perfect for entertaining or just having on-hand at the house.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at CherylStyle.com.

Water Recipe #11
Blackberry Sage Flavored Water from

Blackberry Sage Flavored Water by TheYummyLife.comMonica’s flavored water recipes are the best we’ve come across. She has exquisite taste in how she blends certain fruits and herbs. And you don’t have to serve them is mason jars, but it’s great way to show off a beautiful glass of flavored water. We mention her Blackberry Sage water here, but she has so many great ones – Watermelon Rosemary Flavored Water also is quite yummy.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at TheYummyLife.com.



Water Recipe #12
Lemon Electrolyte Drink from

Lemon Electrolyte Drink by CheekyBumsBlog.comWant to save money on all those sports drinks you buy? Still want a thirst quencher that will help you replenish yourself after butt-kicking workout? Then try this natural electrolyte beverage.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at CheekyBumsBlog.com.



Drinking plenty of water is essential to good health. The good news is we don’t have to settle for boring tap or bottled water. We can easily dress up water so that it’s delicious, nutritious, and festive.

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