Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals

Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals

Green Coffee Maxx by EFL Nutritionals advertises itself to be “Premium 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, No Fillers” – but you may want to read this entire review before you accept that at face value. Green Coffee Maxx has a product taste different than all other green coffee bean extract products. According to the manufacturer, this is due to the higher quality of the coffee beans they use for their product.

Product Specifications of Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals

Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals (information per label)

  • Premium 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract from Arabica Beans
  • The purest of Green Coffee with 30% less caffeine (20 mg per serving)
  • Less defects creating a better taste
  • 800 MG PER CAPSULE – 60 count bottle (60 servings)

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Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals

Review of Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals

There appears to be many reasons to avoid Green Coffee MAXX. What we found when researching this green coffee pill was an astounding amount of negative user opinion. People either seemed to be fairly happy with the product or absolutely hated it. There doesn’t seem to be too much in-between. There were as many 1-star reviews as there were 4- and 5-star reviews combined, and many success stories can be attributed to exercise and calorie counting. Most of the negative reviewers are convinced there is no coffee bean extract contained in these green coffee capsules – due to the taste of the product. Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals is commonly described as tasting like “hot cocoa with white specks of something throughout.”

Of the highly negative reviews, there was also another common thread, and that is that reviewers state they not only didn’t lose weight – THEY GAINED WEIGHT with Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals. This was stated in TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT of the negative reviews for this product.

Product Testimonials for Weight Loss

After doing a little more research on the pure green bean extract I found out about counterfeit products. Too late for me, I did as directed broke open a capsule and mine was sweet tasted like hot chocolate…..No wonder no results were seen like Dr. Oz said. My daughter also got stung by this Product….Buyer Beware…pure green bean extract is supposed to be a bitter taste. Money doesn’t grow on trees and this is a big Rip Off!! I am so upset I could scream!

This product made me feel good for the first few days and I seemed to loose a little weight – probably water, then it stopped working and I feel like I gained weight. My ankles have been swelling ever since the first week. I stopped taking it and they are getting better – no side effect was listed, but this may be one.

This product is fake I gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks using it when u break a capsule open and taste it it is sweet tasted like nutmeg or chocolate I recently purchased a different brand that was recommended by a friend and lost 15 pounds in 3 more weeks just an FYI this is a fake product

I was so excited to receive my green coffee maxx but it soon turned to disappointment. I took these for 3 weeks and I lost “0″ lbs. I would not recommend you waste your money on this brand.

I have been taking this product as directed for several days and see no difference whatsoever. No weight loss, no more energy. Have no idea if it really contains the ingredients it claims to be.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I purchased it after reading the 3 reviews at the time that were all positive. I have been using it for 3 weeks I work out approx. 3-4x a week and eat a mostly healthy diet. When I saw other reviewers concerns about the contents being sweet like protein powder I emailed the seller and they assured me it was the real deal so i have continued to take them as directed. After 3 weeks I have not seen any changes at all. I will not buy from EFL again! Regardless of the info they feed you about the variations of bitterness in this product the bottom line is it does not work. I will be trying a different brand and will hopefully have a more positive experience!

Review of Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals

More than half of the reviews say they gave up on the Green Coffee Maxx product after a few weeks of faithful use, and several then went to the Pure Health product and immediately saw a difference.

As the testimonials attest, here also seems to be quite a bit of consternation among users as to why Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals tastes so radically different than any of the other green coffee bean extract products when compared. Per the EFL Nutritionals website, EFL states that their product does not have a bitter taste due to the fact it is made from a higher quality of coffee beans (Arabica, rather than Robusta). Perhaps it is only the Robusta beans that cause the weight loss effect. Or, and more likely the case, there is some kind of filler or binder mixed in the contents.

The company does offer a 7-day return policy – however, only for unused, unopened product. Clearly they do not stand behind their product.

In summary, we cannot recommend this Green Coffee MAXX by EFL Nutritionals. However, we did find that Amazon has the best prices on pure green coffee bean extracts.

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