Green Coffee Bean Extract by Pure Health Review

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Pure Health

Pure Health’s Pure Green Coffee Bean extract is advertised as the ONLY pure product currently available – 100% pure – nothing extra added.  There are absolutely no additives or fillers of any type in this product.  Even the capsules are made without gelatin, so they are appropriate for vegetarians.

Pure Green Coffee Bean has been shown to inhibit fat absorption, as well as stimulate fat metabolism.  Chlorogenic acid (the chemical thought to be responsible for the weight loss ability of this fruit) is found in many plants, but has an especially high content in green coffee beans.  This distributor of health products offers a full line of products and has established a reliable track record in the industry with several of their other health products.

Features and Specifications of Pure Health’s Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Pure Green Coffee Bean ingredients (information per label and website)

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (800 mg)
  • Vegetarian capsule (Non-GMO Plant Cellulose)
  • 15 servings (30 vegetarian capsules @ 400 mg each)
  • Does not contain gelatin, silica, or maltodextrin
  • Does not contain magnesium stearate or microcrystalline Cellulose
  • 50% Chlorogenic acid with absolutely nothing else added

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Pure Green Coffee Bean by PureHealth

Review of Pure Health’s Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

There are many reasons to like Pure Green Coffee Bean extract by Pure Health.  Pure Health’s website ensures no herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, larvicides, carcinogens, toxins, or chemicals in general are used in the growing of their plants (the beans are organically grown).  The company has been around for at least all of 2012 and has a professional and complete website that offers email response to your questions about the Pure Health products.  Pure Health 100 also carries a number of other specialty supplements for various health concerns.

From the limited numbers of reviews we could find on Pure Health’s Pure Green Coffee Bean extract, 66% of actual users commented that they have lost weight without any change in diet or exercise habits.  Weight loss ranges from as much as 9 pounds in two weeks to as little as 2 pounds in one week.  If the reviews of Pure Health’s Pure Green Coffee Bean extract are to be considered typical of what the general population can expect to experience, then two in three people can expect to have what we consider to be completely acceptable weight loss.

Taking into consideration our 5 factors we use to rank the products we review (purity, effectiveness, side effects, cost per serving, and company reliability), we feel comfortable ranking this as a product we could recommend to our friends.  Pure Health’s Pure Green Coffee Bean extract is one of the few products having the only ingredient as green coffee bean extract.  It has an above average effectiveness rating.  The cost per serving is well in line with what one should expect to pay for such a quality product.  Lastly, the company has an established website and carries a number of other specialty products for various other health concerns. Pure Health’s Pure Green Coffee Bean extract is our top choice.

Last, but not least, we found that Amazon consistently has the best prices on Pure Health’s Pure Green Coffee Bean extract.

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